Tampa Bay Property Market

Buying Real Estate in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Florida kayaking with city skyline
Tampa Florida city skyline
Tampa Florida aquarium

The Florida Aquarium

Tampa Florida riverwalk

The Riverwalk

  • Population: 335,000
  • Condos: $50,000 – $1.2M
  • Family Home: $175,000 – $3M
  • Waterfront: $200,000 – $5M
  • Investment Potential Rating: ***
  • Nearest International Airport: Tampa International Airport

Tampa is the third largest city in Florida and has all the attractions and amenities you would expect in a big city with a rich history: an excellent museum, aquarium, theater and zoo.

In addition, the city’s home to Busch Gardens, another of America’s most well known theme parks, and Tampa International Airport, which makes it a convenient entry point for visitors, and a tourism destination in its own right. In the surrounding areas there are lots of opportunities for golfing, water sports and biking, making Tampa a very desirable location.

Tampa Property Market Summary

The Tampa investment market of late has been fairly aggressive, with large investors buying up huge swathes of homes and land, particularly foreclosed homes. However there is still inventory in the market, a good indicator there is some choice in the market although inventory is decreasing slowly long-term.

Also noteworthy: the median asking price increased by 6.5 percent in the previous 12 months to $189,000. These numbers are consistent with the general pattern in the market, which is consistent inventory, and steadily rising prices. The median asking price peaked in April 2006, and is now 34.3 percent lower than that price, but has still risen by more than a third from its lowest ever point in 2011. This provides solid information that the market is steadily appreciating.

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