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Do you fancy a taste of Old Florida? Spending the afternoon meandering down spectacular waterways, eating fresh and delicious seafood, or walking spectacularly peaceful beaches or charming towns? Then northwest Florida might be for you.

Prices tend to be lower in the north, which is further from the huge tourist areas and attractions. This may not be the best investment for a rental return, but as a holiday home and lifestyle choice it is still a splendid place to buy, and a winner for those seeking a quieter, gentler pace of life and access to countless natural wonders of Florida.

Although it is a less famous part of Florida, the northwest has many wonderful attributes to recommend. Sometimes known as the Panhandle, this stretch of the coastline is less developed than the areas on the southern peninsula. The northwestern coastline, otherwise known as the ‘Emerald Coast’, has some of the most unspoiled beaches in the State, and is highly regarded for its chilled, outdoorsy vibe.

This area is some of the hilliest of Florida’s landscape, and also has some of the state’s most amazing natural attractions. These include many caverns, the majority of the State’s natural springs, and abundant, pristine, white quartz beaches. This part of Florida is definitely hotter than southern parts of the state, with long summers, and mild winters, and occasionally temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The state capital in Tallahassee is a center for trade and agriculture, and is recognized as a tech center for industry in the state with many multi-nationals having their headquarters there.

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