Choose Where to Buy Property In Florida

Our passion at Investments in Florida is sharing the incredible Florida lifestyle with the world. Part of our commitment to that goal is sharing the amazing activities, culture, and nature of this remarkable state.

For our international clients wishing to buy a Florida property the primary motivator is usually our incredible climate. Crystal clear waters as well as year-round sunshine and rental markets are hard to beat. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing a location, and we think the lifestyle you are looking for is as important as your financial goals.

Thankfully this wonderful state has many many locations which offer every conceivable lifestyle and financial return. Whether you are searching for quiet peaceful beaches where you can swim with manatees and dolphins, adventures in the everglades – one of the most diverse eco-systems on earth – or the buzz and glamour of one of the world’s hippest cities, Florida has the perfect location, lifestyle, and financial proposition for you.

This is the Florida which speaks to hearts, the Florida which is sometimes overlooked in its global marketing, and the Florida which—in our opinion—converts holiday-makers into buyers, residents, and investors in our incredible state.

Map of Florida


Southeast As another sweeping generalization, the southeast Atlantic coast tends to be generally pricier than the south-western Gulf coast and includes some of the most expensive luxury residences in America. As far as lifestyle, you can enjoy a cosmopolitan vibe, a hopping nightlife scene, and tons of cultural diversity.


Southwest Generally speaking you can get more property for the money here than the southeast coast. Strong rental potential in the summer comes from Europeans and Americans in school summer holidays, and in the winter from those escaping harsh winters of the northern climates. In terms of lifestyle, this coastline is fabulous, and boasts some of the best beaches in the country. The Gulf waters are famous for being clear, warm and calm.


Northwest Prices tend to be lower in the north, which is further from the huge tourist areas and attractions. This may not be the best investment for a rental return, but as a holiday home and lifestyle choice it is still a splendid place to buy, and a winner for those seeking a quieter, gentler pace of life and access to countless natural wonders of Florida.


Northeast/Central The big attractions of Disney, Universal and SeaWorld are concentrated around the centre of the state, and the massive tourism of these areas provides an appealing combination of lower prices (compared to coastal areas) and daily and weekly rental opportunities which help maximize rental return. The northeastern area combines some of the oldest settlements in the United States with a thriving financial services industry. As you get further north the ecosystem and topography changes and you have access fantastic unspoiled natural wonders.