Lisa and Lee Mirman

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Lisa and Lee Mirman both hold their MBA from Duke University and between them have more than forty years’ experience in Florida real estate. Their market-leading real estate firm, Investments in Sarasota, wins the five star award “Best in Client Satisfaction” year after year.

Together they travel the world, gathering global perspective of their clients’ needs and motivating factors. Their extensive know-how and confidence in the security and opportunity of Florida property investment has manifested in establishing their own real estate investment fund for foreign investors.

About Lee

Lee is a licensed real estate broker with an extensive background in finance, economics, and venture capital. He worked on Wall Street at Chase Manhattan Bank, and has founded multiple ventures in the US, Europe and Latin America. Because of his strategic vision and ethics he has been honored by the US Congress as a “Hero of Small Business”. Lee has presented around the world as one of the foremost experts on Florida property investment.
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About Lisa

Lisa brings a mastery in marketing, communications, and technology. She also has an award-winning corporate and start-up track record. She is a licensed real estate professional and for more than a decade has worked to implement leading-edge international marketing strategies as well as sales processes to optimally serve the brokerage’s real estate clients. Lisa is fluent in Spanish and holds an undergraduate degree from the top-ten ranked University of Chicago.
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Lee and Lisa love living in Sarasota, Florida with their two children and Bernese Mountain dog. As seasoned yoga practitioners, they are committed to their own continual expansion in mind, body and spirit. They are also enthusiastic advocates of the principles of environmental consciousness, holistic health and wellness, and mindful living.

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